IMAG1850b_bwHi! This is Fara Lippincott! Thanks for stopping by. I have always been the one with the camera in my hand! And as much as my friends and family might groan when they see me pulling the camera out, secretly they love it and know that I’m capturing the moments and the memories of our lives!

And while I always loved snapping away I never knew how IN LOVE with image capturing I could be until my first born arrive in 2003. That poor boy. I don’t want to say I *tortured* him, but he was put in fair share of adorable outfits and *maybe* a basket or two 😉

I had a round about adventure to end up where I am now. I went to the University of Miami to study architecture, and happily followed that path for 6 years after I graduated. And in a roller coaster of life events I ended up home with my first child and took the opportunity to continue to enrich my life creatively, through custom designed sewn baby gifts and furthering my love of photography. In a slow and steady shifting of tables photography has taken over my work load and I couldn’t be happier. My clients become my friends and I take great joy when my young subjects run to greet me in the supermarket!

I would love to meet you and be given the chance to capture some memories to cherish for YOU!


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